Challenge #01843-E019: Reminded of the Babe?

Don't do something permanently stupid just because you're temporarily upset. -- Anon Guest

My mother said/ I never should/ play with the faeries in the wood... - nursery rhyme.

The fae folk had her baby. Toddler. Even though her child could walk and talk after a fashion and perform simple tasks, Esa was still her baby and would be so until the day Risso died. Which might be soon, considering that she was marching into Fae territory with naught but her apron and her rolling pin to protect her and her Esa. Well. That, and one secret weapon that she had in a sack on her back.

They let her get in. They always let you get in. It's getting out again that's the worry. The fae like to have sport with mortals, and making you think you've won is their favourite game. So it was no surprise to find herself faced with three identical Esa's and a smug Fae making her guess which one was her Esa.

Risso hit the smug fae with her rolling pin. "I said give me my child, not fart me about," she snapped. "You give me back my Esa and I will keep my sack tied shut."

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