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[Shown here: Screen shot of a generic and completely unhelpful rejection letter. Text reads: "Dear Author, Thank you for your email, and for giving me a look at your material. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I must pass, but I hope you will accept my best wishes for your future success."]

There goes my last hope.

Before I pick myself up and do my Robin Daffy impersonation, I will give myself a couple of days to figure out what the actual shit I can do from here. I mean, besides demanding a refund from AR&E, and sending a prepared sample off to Tor, the only publishers I know of who still take spec manuscripts.

But now I know my "Look at me I'm hot shit" sales pitch is no more effective than the usual respectful formality. Well. I have one data point of evidence.

Others are bound to follow.

I'm halfway tempted to reply to this generic horseshit with "Sorry for your loss." but... No. I'm not that into vainglory. Yet.

I will get my Blasts posted this morning and then scurry off to get this week's money. And then... It is ON.

Two down

I've now been rejected by two of the three agents I sent those query letters off to.

One to go.

And then it's on to the next bag of hope on my list. All of whom actually have turn-around times and promises to get back to me.

And then I get to have ANOTHER anxiety spike as I wait for those turn-arounds. All the way down to zero.

And when it finally gets to zero, I shall draft a complaint letter to

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