Tuesday, Plague Day 15, Patreon

I'm still battling with clogged bronchii and I'll be doing some time on the OPEP to get some of my ability to breathe back. Or at least shake loose the clinker that's still in there.

I have done three self-cares this morning. Trying to get back into some kind of routine with those. Namely - Took my preventer, brushed my teeth, and did my face-care routine.

I'm re-establishing my gut biota by ingesting Aldi's Yakult-esque in the form of a fruit smoothie. Which also gets me vitamin C and fibre. Huzzah.

I also have to have a humidifier on for most of the things I do because it helps ease my breathing.

I might have some variant of Long Covid. Blargh.

My oxygen was 92% before the Nebuliser and is 97% after. Not great, but not too terrible either. They worry about asthmatics like me when we dip below 90% oxygenation.

On the physical side of things, I had hand tingles after my dose. Fun. This is usually a sign that I was really clogged beforehand. They're gone now, and I'm shuddering like a little wet dog, so... Nominally okay! I guess.

At least, getting used to everything just being a little extra effort now that breathing has decided to be problematic. Heavy hands, heavy feet. General tiredness by the afternoon. It's a trial, but I can deal with it.

Getting better by teeny tiny baby steps is a thing, now.

Let's get some fiction.