Tuesday, Patreon and PLNs coming true

We now have a barrier between the front of the house and the rest. All to stop Pippi from bolting for the front door every time it opens. She is most vexed.

Since it's metal, it rattles when jostled. We have some felt to alleviate that, but we still know when a cat is trying to muscle through. So far, the fiends have not thought of trying to climb it.

They may not want to, either, and that's fine by me.

Today, I post Patreon stuff. Chapters of The Shining Spires will filter down to the $1 tier. Some readers will see bits of Alfarell that I have in stock. Most of my Patrons will see more of A Devil's Tale that's fast becoming an alpha draft of an eventual firkin series.

You know, since the "brief little thing" is almost novel length in and of itself. Without all the extra chapters I have plans for in my head.

It's going to be fun.

BUT... it's a long time between that and the pro version and I have a trilogy to finish, blablabla...

I have finished the floor plan of the current dungeon level. Which means that it's time to do set dressing and suchlike. I aim to do as many as ten chambers at a time, depending on the difficulty of doing so.

And then I make a start on level 7 of 23. While my PLAYERS are rocketing towards the end of their current campaign module.

Many steps between now and then.

This is one of them.