Tuesday, Crimbo PLNs

We're having MeMum over, we're having a friendo come over because they're alone this season, it's going to be interesting.

I honestly don't know whether to share Everything, Everywhere, All at Once with Mum, Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio with everyone, or put on the Muppet's Christmas Carol and be done with it.

I will probably end up sharing all three at various points in the shenanigans.

Today's mission includes Patreon content, the usual streaming, and gathering Party Pies. Because despite literally everything else on the menu, a Crimbo without party pies is just sad.

Beloved got obsessed with mini pizzas... and they don't seem to be in stock anywhere at all.

I have a new art program called Lunacy and it's vector-based but the potential canvas is infinite. Which means I might be able to do my boy Kosh's family tree.

When I'm not building dungeons, writing the novel, tagging fictions, and all the other stuff. Most of which I have not been doing of late because Crimbo Prep.

I refuse to feel guilty. The peeps in my physical space are slightly more important than the howling silence that is the interwebs.

I can get back to work when it's not so busy with the holidays.

Saturday promises to be fun as it is Crimbo eve. There will be a Parkrun, and then I scoot off to gather Mum for the Crimbo party. Yay. I am going to be LIVING on caffeine that day.

I shall also be doing Crimbo Wrapping at some point in the day. Making things fancy for my friends and family.

And I shall have to do something towards unfucking the house during the day.


I'm a busy, busy bean, and I still have to have a stream.

Let's get going with that.