Tropes That Annoy Me: Surprise Sex

We've all seen that movie. Action Guy and Action Gal or Damsel Gal do not get along for the entire firkin movie. Except near the third act when they kiss for no good reason and then suddenly have sex.

Sometimes, they don't even kiss. They just go at each other in a sudden and unexpected display of lust.

It's so far out of left field that it's circumnavigated the globe and come in from the right field.

And it's supremely annoying.

Especially when the female lead keeps treating Our Hero with open hostility for 90% of the film, until they start ripping each other's clothes off for no reason.

It plays into Rape Culture, showing people repeatedly that no means yes, open hostility means yes, and even a kick to the nuts can mean yes if he's just "dominant" enough. Stop being so firkin creepy, Hollywood.

Half of the "romances" on our screens don't have any preamlble towards the sex scenes. No expressions of interests beyond the male protagonist's interest in the female lead. Open disgust or hostility on her part until the One Redeeming Feature is exhibited and suddenly all objections are over.

It's ridiculous to think that if a man "just tries hard enough" then he can have any girl he wants no matter what. That doesn't happen in real life and it certainly shouldn't happen in our entertainment. Even romcoms pull this shit, though it's more likely to be a hug and kiss than a sex scene.

And don't get me started about the age gap between the leading man and the leading lady in romcoms. In fact, that might be the next thing I could rant about.

Next time.