Challenge #01616-D155: But What is it For?

Soft Teddy bears given to people in stress, usually children who are hurt or rescued. The thing about Teddy Bears is they don't judge you, they are just soft, and smiling and invite a shared hug. -- Knitnan

Pulled from a lifepod. Still in shock. Bright lights and confusing noises and too much. Far too much. Way too much to deal with at once. People in frightening suits all getting into her face. She didn't know anyone. Didn't know where she was or what anyone was saying.

All she wanted was something familiar. She did not get it for an emotional forever. Not until one of the strange shapes in her periphery handed her something soft. It was big, and squishy, and a little warm. Sh'heth curled around it with all five limbs. The warmth and the softness was comforting enough to relax her. She cried out and struggled less against these oddly-shaped strangers. Let them help her.

It was only later, when these strangers had set her aside into a comfortable and dimly-lit room, was Sh'heth able to analyse the object. It was an effigy. Four limbs, just like the strangers. Fluffy and fuzzy with thousands of little hairs all over its surface. There was a snout with a shiny black triangle on, and two dark, shiny buttons that could do the work of eyes. The nubs on the head and the nubs on the bottom of the torso evaded Sh'heth's understanding.

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