Challenge #01617-D156: Reaching Out

What if someone decided they would not 'Get Even', what if they thought this 'payback with interest has gone on long enough' and just walked away from the whole mess. -- Knitnan

Those who fail to learn from the lessons of history, it is said, are doomed to repeat them. This is not just limited to those who fail their History tests. The moving finger may have written, but it tends to write in circles. Ninety percent of all wars are declared out of revenge for the previous war.

There are no accurate battle cries that go, "Remember the last atrocity that they committed against us that justifies the atrocities that we are about to commit on them!" If there were, there might be less wars. If leaders were honest about riling up hatred for the enemy, there would be less people eager to fight them. But that's why propaganda exists.

In this country, there has always been a war against evil. Against oppressors, against violence, against those who have the resources that we want, but honesty should never enter politics. History should never enter politics, either, or people would learn how often the actions of Leaders in the past have lead directly to the troubles of today. People could easily learn that their own country is its worst enemy. And then what would they do?

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