Thursday, Stencyl PLNs

I have instructions. I am going to do things to work with them. This may or may not be a breakthrough. It should at least get me moving onwards with the next exercise in learning how the thing works.

I am not going to be an expert in record time. Maybe the world's record for world's slowest programming student. We shall see.

Learn how it works, first. Figure out how to program the game, later.

My first loaf turned out to be a sod. Dangit. I shall be having Chia Loaf Toast until I get to the second loaf.

The difference? I put the second one under the lid for forty minutes instead of thirty. Ten minutes for the maillard lid-off part of the baking.

Detail by detail, I shall narrow down the perfecter perfect loaf. Results in my Wordpress. Or whatever I'm hopping onto next to replace my Wordpress.

I'm leaning towards a mob called IndieWeb because I can maintain a little alliteration from the transfer. I know robots.txt doesn't stop every AI scraper, and may not stop any scraper... so going with someone who will help me sue if my stuff is stolen may be the metaphorical bunny.

But first, my offerings unto the Temple of Notes.