Thursday, Day Zero, USA imploding live on YouTube

The Proud Boys and other racist x-phobic shitholes are rioting in Washington DC on the insistance of the Lame Duck a'Lorange in the Whitehouse. People have been shot. Bombs have been found. The Muppet has told them all that he loves them. It's a clusterfuck in a dumpster fire and I knew this was going to happen.

It's been a long time in coming, but it's come. FBI and SWAT teams have entered the Capitol and it's a coin toss as to whether the police will join the "South Will Rise Again" crowd. Just as I finished writing that, I got the news that the DC police are marching with the "protestors" - aka domestic fucking terrorists since they have the capital of the country in fucking lockdown.

I'm watching this get worse and worse live and it's horrifying.

Glimpsing at the rest of the news:

  • Biden demands that the Muppet step up and do the noble thing
  • Muppet praises the domestic terrorists and tells them to "remain peaceful" it is super ineffective
  • He also falsely claims that the election was stolen in the same breath
  • There's a curfew in Washington and people who engage in violence will be held accountable
  • Georgia's senate election is looking like it's going to come out Democrat
  • Someone's been shot. Unclear as to whether it's the mob or the police responsible
  • China's ban on Aussie seafood actually ends up stimulating Australia's economy as everyone had Lobster for Christmas
  • New border rules activated to combat a new mutant strain of the plague
  • Ivanka praises the mob
  • Bean Dad causes new trend among the young - of asking their fathers if they're like him
  • For those unaware, a formerly popular musician and writer of MBMBAM theme music for 5-8 years has been seen on twitter allowing his 8YO to go hungry for six hours so the child could independently figure out how a can opener works on a tin of baked beans. He is now known as Bean Dad
  • Facebook tracking actually helped trace the spread of the plague in NSW/Victoria
  • Bitcoin's going nuts
  • Impeachment papers are drawn up and ready to fire off at the Muppet

I'd put money on Washington being on fire by the end of today, but that's me being a cynical B.

I'm retreating into fiction for the rest of today.