Thursday, Day 0, Sleepless

Plague news: One new case, local transmission. Forty-nine total cases and forty-one are in hospital.

I've been awake since one-a-firkin-em this morning. I decided to use that time for a cooking experiment involving keto-friendly cheesecake. The cheesecake may be all fail, but it's the base I'm concerned about.

Basically, the base is runny nut butter thickened up with philly until it's mouldable like play-dough. If that works, then I can resume making cheesecake like normal.

What I failed at in the cheesecake was putting real strawberries into the mix. The cream curdled out and clumped while the rest remained liquid. Yummy.

Meh, I was the only one going to eat it anyway.

In the news:

  • Haitian president assassinated in own home
  • Robert Downey Snr has passed on
  • Muppet suing a bunch of people
  • People continue to gather in spite of lockdowns
  • More tensions between China and Aus
  • New supermarket promises to stock everything for under $10. Naturally, the first ones are far away and in Victoria

And now... storytime.