Thursday, Day 0, Onwards!

Plague News: Five new cases, all imports. Forty-seven active, forty-one hospitalised, and only one in the ICU.

I think we might have a handle on things. Maybe.

Some of the restrictions and rules are just silly, but... They seem to be working.

If any day is apropos for me recording a TaleSpire tutorial, this is it. Let's try for it.

In the news:

  • Victoria has more rules after the latest case
  • Sydney's lockdown has to extend more
  • Sydneysider who caught the plague now tells people to take it seriously from hospital bed
  • Dubya surfaces to predict horrible things from Biden's reign
  • Urges to isolate regardless of the result if you've been in a hotspot
  • Poll says Aussies want racial divides removed from the constitution and law
  • Comedian has accurate math for predicting Sydney plague cases
  • They're dissecting how Sydney went so drastically wrong
  • Gun maker in the USA releases another gun that looks like a kids' toy. Stay classy
  • $333 million in bitcoin seized by cops
  • Lisa Curry in hospital
  • Sydney festival cancelled because plague
  • 52 Facebook employees were spying on ladies. Stay classy

And now I get on with my nonsense.