Thursday, Day 0, Mor Nonsense!

Two imported cases, making it day 10 without local transmission. There's fifty-one active cases, forty-eight of those in hospital. Three remain to potentially sic havoc on my sunny state.

"Sunny" because it's been raining on and off. I can feel a cyclone somewhere within my range [whatever the straight-line distance is between Burpengary and Rockhampton, that's my radius] and it's making my entire left face hurt. The painkillers are not currently cutting it so my life sucks a bit.

HOWEVER, because sleep issues, there's another Scams of My Life up on my Peakd account. Enjoy my account of the Spanish Prisoner. Next up, its real-life counterpart - The Eternal Sponge. Stay tuned for next Thursday's shenanigans.

In the news:

  • Even if the vaccines succeed, the long-term disaster caused by the Plague are going to go on even longer than you may think
  • 11-month-old baby found dead in the grounds of a prestigious Christian private school in Perth
  • Rest of the world turns against Aus because emissions. ScoMo's coal buddies can't save him from this
  • Fauci warns Aus they have more bullshit coming because Plague
  • EverGiven confiscated as Suez officials sue for $900Million
  • Aldi's the only place you can get Bertie Beetle ice creams
  • Grimes, famous wife of Elon Musk, has an artistic tattoo that looks like she got hit by one of the coast's jellyfish
  • News article says Bitcoin's hit 80K. You're over by 20K there, journo

And now I shall make fiction.