Thursday, Day 0, Catching Up

Plague news: One new case, a local transmission. Eighteen total active cases, ten are in hospital. Australia's at 77% first vax, and 53% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 46% fully vaxxed. Pull the lead out...

I am doing all the things I have neglected this week because I have been hepped up about DM'ing all week so far. So... finances, buying a few last books, commenting on and voting for at least two other stories in the Foundry... and setting up potential encounters in TaleSpire because NERVOUS ENERGY WINS.

I am a busy little chaos gremlin this week. Hopefully I shall find a way to streamline the nervous energy I have inherent in all this nonsense.

Tomorrow, I at least change the cat box. And feed the starters. And cook the bikkie. Not necessarily in that order.

But for now, the news:

  • China destroys a lot of buildings that made more money to construct than in habit
  • Police officer RAPES AND KILLS a woman in a fake Covid stop in Europe. And it's all caught on camera. All Cops Are Bastards
  • Fatal car crash kills four in Brisbane southwest, including a kid
  • Model fined for disobeying court orders
  • Some people are still dying of the plague despite being fully vaxxed
  • Flight to Brisbane exposed to the plague
  • Promising young man releases "unconditional apology" for his alleged bad behaviour
  • Brexit continues to cause trouble because not enough truckies
  • Youtube star dead at 35
  • Viral Muppet interview earns Aussie newsie an emmy
  • More secret messages in clothing, apparently
  • Greta Thunberg puts up with zero bullshit
  • Hamster trades crypto. Makes bank

And now... storytime.