Thursday, A Slight Change

I am now building dungeons in DungeonDraft. Which is mouse drawing rather than manipulating nonsense around and cussing a lot. Theoretically, it will be an easier time for me, and I shall see where the RageQuit Boundary is.

AFTER I tag a week and find 250 more words for the 2K summary.

And maybe during my album sorting because multitasking is my life.

Music makes work go quicker.

And after Chaos returneth home, I should nap so I have some energy to play D&D tonight. Whee fun.

If things go well, I shall soon be figuring out how OwlBearRodeo works, too. For the mobs in said dungeon. But first I do all the walls.

I am reading my book to my Beloved at the rough rate of three chapters whenever we have the firkin time. It's been good for feedback and some small fixes.

I might have to add time and place references into Kosh's flashback chapters. Or rearrange everything so that they're going forward, but that might make for a more boring book. I don't firkin know. This is why I have Beta Readers.

I'm the arsehole who decided to be clever about this. I need to know if my readers are as clever as I think I am.

Meanwhile, I just focus on finishing the dang thing.