Three big days in a row

I did the quack thing yesterday. Huzzah for me.

I'm doing the shrink thing today. More attempts to sort out where the hell I am and what's going on with this whole procrastination mess and why I've been panicking inside my head for like... months.

And tomorrow... Tomorrow, oh tomorrow... I brave myself up and take that firkin blood test thing and myself out to get all the LDLs counted.

All stressful things for me. All taxing my capabilities. All draining my emotional batteries and leaving me a thorough wreck by the end of the day.

Knowing my rotten luck, something else will pop up during the middle of the week that will take the rest of the week for me to deal with. It's just that fun in Nutter Town.

And speaking of fun... I've got one person who's trawling my AO3 archives and having feels all over the place, and I made another person hate themselves with an in-text pun that I was certain everyone would see coming. For those of you who want to see, it's in chapter 3 of this thing. Enjoy.

I have not been working very much on A Place to Hang His Hat, lately. If inspiration strikes, there might be only a small bit of fic to share with my Patrons and if it's too short, all my lovely donors at the $5 mark and above shall receive one of my other fics-in-progress to date.

It's all dependant on where my muse wants to ride, today.

But if Ao3 Kudos was dollars, I'd be firkin SET.