Challenge #01775-D314: Haptic Feedback

Aliens vs human ticklishness -- TheDragonsFlame

The ships' human was out of sorts. Grumpy. Tetchy. Upset. They had gone close-mouthed and reticent, and it was Gorthax's job to keep the human happy. He had read what the Edge Territories knew about humans, three times over. And attempted every comfort. Except this one.

Humans thrived on companionable touch. But humans also had eroding acids in their perspiration. Which was a problem because a human could wither and die under the influence of Touch Starvation. He researched thoroughly and found a way to combat the problem.

Insulation. He picked a material that was human-proof, but also amenable to human tactile needs. Gorthax chose fluffy as a texture and basically re-invented the Love Glove. Next, he approached the human in a companionable manner and, as gently as possible, applied a soothing touch.

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