This time for sure!

I only have a few more boards to put notches in. Which means that I will run out of things to do for the Kitty Kondo(tm) in time for the weekend. Which I am praying will be dry enough for the concrete nonsense so we can finish this darn thing whilst Meep is still a kitten.


At least I know she's loved in her current home, so there is that.

Meanwhile, I'm approaching 1K in the first words I shouldn't be writing yet for Kingdom of Sand. Whoops. I also happen to be rocketing along on a fanfic based on a music video and -hello- Yes, I do have a new obsession, thanks for noticing.

I'm feeling a little frayed, so week one of actually writing KoS might be more relaxed than normal. This whole Kitty Kondo thing is stressing me out more than a little.

When this is over, I shall demand 24hours of pure sloth just to recharge.