Challenge #02352-F162: An Easy Mistake

A Havenworlder Crew tries their best to make the Ship Humans Birthday Party great.

They bake a cake for him.

The only problem is, that they used salt instead of sugar. -- Anon Guest

Human Neis could tell that her fluffles had knocked out all the stops. They had made the extra effort, for sure. Not just securing presents and decorations, but also gathering every ingredient they could for the party food, including completing all the steps necessary to create those foods. Neis was touched. This far from Human territories and Galactic civilisation? All this had to be a herculean effort.

"Aw you shouldn't have," she cooed, completely unaware of how accurate those words would be. There was even a cake, though it didn't have candles, had flickering artificial lights probed into its pink, decorated surface. Each one enough like a candle that small tears appeared in the edges of Neis' eyes. So the banner said "Celebrate Anniversary" and the giftwrapping varied from Complete Ameteur through I Tried to I Made Someone/Something Else Do It with a guest starring of I Put It In A Festive Bag Because I Knew I Have No Clues. So some of the balloons weren't even inflated. The whole party attempt warmed the cockles of Neis' heart.

They even put together a birthday song, which devolved into a philosophical debate about the meaning of the words, with at least one fluffle insisting that Row, Row, Row Your Boat was indeed a Human song for such an occasion and they should all sing it anyway. It was, frankly, hilarious, cute, and vaguely disturbing all at once. "Come on," Neis cooed. "We can discuss this rationally after we've all had cake."

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