All right. Here's the PLN

I do my blogging and Instant only vaguely out of order. Whoops. I got caught up in other things. Again.

After that's done, I spare a moment to make the bed in the spare room for Impending US guest, making sure the path is clear and there's some room for whatever luggage they have. Then I go out and saw holes into boards until noodle arms happen or lunch is necessary, whichever happens first.

After that is all done, or mostly done, it shall be bratfetching and an option for looking for toe socks. A quest of some urgency, since the last pair I had blew out and has an unwelcome hole, just on the cusp of winter. Grrr.

Of course, this quest isn't easy, since the only reliable place that had them has since shut down or shifted digs or otherwise vanished from my radar. Boo.

Tomorrow... the interesting bit might be happening. Measuring out, digging out, boxing in and laying road bed in the footprint. It could happen tomorrow. It could happen this weekend. I sincerely hope it happens tomorrow because I want my baby kitty already.

It's still going to need three days of concrete curing and some other construction shenanigans, but gosh darn it I am so close. I just need three days of sunshine and some prepped ground and concrete...