These last few weeks have been a long year...

New Zealand, one of the countries with the strictest protocols against socialising, has effectively halted the spread. They're talking about easing off with every caution about returning to the lockdown. Australia's opening up to letting two adults at maximum go and visit friends and family, with a weather eye for outbreaks.

Meanwhile, some creative folks came up with a creepy folksong about the outbreak. In twenty years this will be "traditional" and nobody will remember that it was ever made.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, some diehard fans of the Muppet have been attempting to drink bleach and disinfectants because the Muppet himself said to inject them? I don't understand it either, but no shock at all, he doesn't feel responsible.

Honestly, I'm starting to believe that man had all his responsibility surgically removed.

Today's Wordpress will definitely about the economic impact, and who gets hit hardest and who skates by and why that's bad. [Won't someone think of the poor suffering billionaires?] But first... I owe you a story.

I want it to be a happy distraction from the disaster around me and us... but this remains to be seen.