That Went... Okay?

The first sesh of the year and we have a completely new player with us, as in, their first ever game of D&D was with us last night. So of course, puns, shenanigans, and at least half an hour debating the renovations we were making to our base of operations.

Fantasy The Block, coming soon to an adventuring table near you.

Lowkey though, I do want to create a replica of this place in Minecraft, even though that's pretty terrible for doing diagonals. Just so we have some kind of 3D feel for things.

I dunno. I'll see how I go today.

As for the adventure last night, we started off with a bang, someone seeking our help just firkin died before they could reach us. There were two pursuers, a Zhentaran was involved, and a Nimblewright managed to mess up their plans.

This Nimblewright? Basically a magical automaton that's supposed to be a thing working under orders. Except it was made by another Nimblewright who was kept under lock and key in a temple. There's some serious "Measure of a Man" nonsense going on here and I think my dude would be on the Nimblwrights' side.

Fortunately, so too is our barbarian ritual wizard.

Things are going to get interesting in short order because the Maguffin is in the possession of a Noble, who managed to acquire it somehow from the Zhentarans, who are now causing all kinds of shit trying to get it back.

...and we're in the middle of all said shit.

But at least we managed to find one of the bad guys who was at the explosion before the sesh ended. Which means shit's about to go down. Fun times.

Speaking of fun times, I should get on with today's tale so I can try to have some.