Challenge #02579-G022: What the Feces?

You’re shit is an insult, you’re the shit is a complement. You’re not shit is a reassurance, and fuck this shit is not related to the previous phrases. -- Anon Guest

Humans don't have to be confusing, but they will frequently do it anyway. Their idioms, axioms, and expressions are many, varied, and assumed to be understood by everyone. This can hold true for some Human words, as well. Enormous papers have been written on the versatility of some of their ancient four-letter words.

One of the more popular was a synonym for excrement. It could describe the item itself, be descriptive of something awful, and simultaneously something awesome. It could be reassuring, and simultaneously derogatory. It's truly versatile and also truly confusing for newcomers to Human interaction.

Human Dru has often been asked for clarification when the offensensitivity filters have replaced idiom with scientific terms and removed any kind of inflection that could help a casual listener. For example, someone using offensensitivity filters would hear hir saying things like, "I keep telling you, this [excrement] little trick is the [excrement]. Like, the ordinary way is like [intercourse] this [excrement], but it's absolutely no [excrement] of anyone's noses. The guy who told me about it? I called 'em and told 'em, dude, you are not [excrement]. This thing is the [explosive]. It's top [excrement]."

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