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Challenge #03693-J040: Nothing Wrong in Here

A strange noise is coming out of the human habitat. When they look in, the pet is rushing around like it's half-insane. The human chuckles and calls it the "midday zoomies". -- Anon Guest

Companion Xaal had detected strange noises inside Human Per's habitat. A rhythmic thumping and an irregular vocalisation that could imply physical or mental distress. Alarmed, ze entered the emergency code that let hir into the Human's area.

Human Per was jumping up and down, arms and legs going in different directions at random. The noise coming from hir throat was some strange mix of a giggle and a hum.

"What in the known universe is this? Are you well?" Scans indicated that Humans Per had expected health levels, though hir heart rate was understandably high. "Is this a Human thing or a Per thing?"

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