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Challenge #02954-H031: Operation Comeback

They were runners-up last year at the Zombie competition. However, their squad got wiped out in the start of the third hour. This year they were determined to make it through the semi-finals and into the finals. But it would take a lot of practice. However, this year, they had a long haul from the station they'd been at to the competition arena. They had plenty of time to practice.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-02723-g166-just-add-zombies -- Competition

Zombie tag had somehow become a seasonal sport. Points were awarded for the Zombies remaining in character, of course, so roleplaying was a draw for Team Zombie. As for Team Live... the excuse to go into a mock battle with Deathworlders and have a chance of winning. It was great for epigenetic strengthening of the genome.

This year, Team Zombie were trying to come up with a strategy to outlast Shar the Destroyer. There was a profile picture and some of the winning stratagems playing on loop. "Ze has many names," said the Team Zombie leader, briefing the starter crew for Team Zombie. "Shar the Star, Shar the Scar, Death From Above, Silent But Deadly," the leader paused for the more childish members of the team to get over their giggles. "As well as The Sneak. Ze's a Level Three Havenworlder with the ability to climb and glide. Her rate of descent per DU traveled is point one per DU horizontal. Keep that in mind when you're lurching towards climbable structures."

"Yeah but we're supposed to lurch towards the last sound we heard. Zombie rules."

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Challenge #02723-G166: Just Add Zombies

This prompt issues to an earlier story from two years ago. https://steemit.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-01928-e104-tag-you-re-undead. One that gave me a wicked little grin, though I did have to search a bit to find it again.

Zombie tag. That was a game, and an experiment, that was both famous and infamous. Since its inception a few years ago, it had become a wildly popular thing that became a new sport. How long could teams last against the "zombies"? Rules were drawn

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