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I'm going slightly mad...

Now that my BEST HOLIDAY is over [I still want more!] I have to get back to the daily slog of getting things Out There.

I'm adding a menu to last year's Year of Instants, which is kind of laborious because it involves lots of back and forth. And when I'm done, I still have to make sure the fonts all line up, blablabla...

I'm also -FINALLY- putting up Free Baby for Amazon Exclusive status.

And then I shall be seeking out New York agents with a copy of KFZ - if I can ever get a third opinion (minimum) so I can edit that fucker. I thoroughly suspect I'll wind up rewriting it after I'm done with Adapting. Nine weeks to go, inclusive, on that one.

And of course the daily story and the daily 500 words towards my WIP. With as much menu wrangling as I can physically or mentally stand.

It's a quarter to ten and I already need coffee.