Where Do Babies Come From

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The Talk (story!)

I came up with this one to explain how the ponies reproduce without apparent genetalia. Also to explain pony reproduction in as safe a G-rated manner as possible, without excluding GLBT coupling

Warning: There is a sad patch.

The Talk

“Applejack, can ah aks ya a question?”
Applejack kept working as she spoke, “Ain’t nothin’ so far ‘as stopped ya.”
“Where do foals come from?”
Whoah nelly. She’d been dreading this day. She got herself so flustered she almost missed the tree she’d been bucking. She spared a moment to look at her baby sister. Nothing but the absolute truth was going to satisfy the curious little filly.
“Well… When two ponies love each other with all their hearts, they do everythin’ they can to show each other their love is true. They move in together. They make deep promises. They become a team. And the most important thing is to fall asleep holdin’ tight to each other.”
Applebloom made a skeptical face.
“It’s the solid gold truth,” said the elder sister.
“So then what happens?”
“The two ponies dream together is what happens. They share a dream of the foals they could have. An’ the magic of love starts up an itty bitty baby, which goes and gets born almost a whole year later.”
“Silver Spoon said you need a Ma and a Pa.”
“Wellllll…” Applejack knew that that wasn’t strictly necessary - but telling a filly just starting school? “That’s gen'rally the case…”
“She said Ah was unwanted 'cause I don’t have a Ma an’ Pa.”
“That Silver Spoon’s got herself a tarnished heart,” grumbled Applejack. “We all had a Ma and Pa, sis. You just don’t remember 'em.”
“They…” Applejack closed her eyes against the bad memories. “It was an accident. They didn’t want to leave us.” She blinked out slow tears of old hurts. “They loved each other so powerful, they had t’ do everything together. Even go to the Great Beyond.” … sniff… “They loved you and wanted you, Applebloom. Ain’t nobody’s fault that they left.”
Applebloom breathed a sigh of relief. “An’ we’re still a family, right? Even though it’s just Granny an’ Big Macintosh an’ you an’ me?”
“Of course we’re family. Tell you what. Tonight, you an me’ll mosey on up to the attic and Ah can show you some ole photos of us. Ma and Pa and all three of us.”
“Thanks, sis.” She hefted a basket of apples to bring in. “Hey Applejack?”
“Why is the sky blue?”
It was going to be a looonnnnggg afternoon.