What Could Go Wrong?

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Challenge #02163-E334: Don't Ask!

"We've got the girl, the gold, and didn't have to kill a single goon! What can possibly, realistically go wrong?!" -- Anon Guest

The Universe is glad to educate someone who asks silly questions like that. Melvin was behind on learning that question but clearly realised that he had said something wrong, the instant that Wraithvine and Lady Anthe smacked themselves in the face.

What could realistically go wrong was a thousand well-camouflaged guards coming out of the woodwork to oppose their potential exit from the multilevel labyrinth that was the home turf of Rixir the Confounder. All wearing the stealthiest armour, and all armed to the teeth.

"Remember that rug of teleportation you sold?" asked Wraithvine. "The one you specifically don't have in your bag of holding?"

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