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Challenge #02125-E296: Inside, Outside

two cats discovering their owner has a secure cat enclosure instead of letting them roam free -- Anon Guest

It was a good life. Thingone and Thingtwo agreed. Plenty of warm spaces. Lots of nice food. Halls to have a good rumpus up and down. Furniture, especially, to scramble up, down, into, out of, and under. The only thing missing was the world outside the windows. No matter how they howled and yowled to be allowed to play with the birds, their Feedme refused to open doors and let them outside.

This was a good thing only sometimes, when the weather was cold and the hated water fell from the grey sky. It was a bad thing most times, when the sun shone and the birds paraded their arrogance in front of them, knowing that neither Thingone nor Thingtwo could do what cats did best.

There were mice. There were rats. There were sometimes spiders and quick-legged geckoes. They just weren't the same as the forbidden, tempting, and doubtlessly tasty birds. Thingone and Thingtwo sat on windowsills and contemplated the feathery temptation, chattering in disappointment at not being able to pass the invisible barrier and capture the arrogant little sods.

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