Trying Something New

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I Like Fridays

But only because I don't have to drive so much. Just one round trip, but one hell of a round trip.

Thank goodness that listening to My Brother, My Brother, and Me keeps my brain pan operating whilst I haul my arse halfway to Brisbane and back again.

It's a really long drive since it's also rush hour. An ironic name if there ever was one.

The good news that is also happening today is that I have started having money in a trading account. I'm being cautious and taking care to maximise any profit I may have. Because income is a good thing.

And having a little something-something as a safety net is a good thing. So far, I'm only watching. But I have 2K Steem earned from my writings to wager on this kind of thing.

So it's not going to hurt my budget, such that it is. And if it helps my budget, then whacko. I can maybe get a better laptop and some more Drobo drives for my compy. Maybe I upgrade my compy for the shits and the giggles.

Maybe... I can pay for some advertising.

That would be firkin awesome, right?

And when I do advertise, I have to pick what I'm advertising. Any suggestions?

Okay. Is this a good idea?

I’m getting tired of waiting for volunteers to beta-read for my pre-published fics. Plus my fics are… kinda growing in number.

So. Here’s the deal.

I put them up here, on my blog, under a read-more. There will be a brief summary of all that is within above the cut. Including trigger-warnings.

I will also enable replies to said ficpost.

If the people who like it overwhelm the people who hate it, I shall publish that sucker

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