You Tell Me

A 4-post collection

Okay. Is this a good idea?

I’m getting tired of waiting for volunteers to beta-read for my pre-published fics. Plus my fics are… kinda growing in number.

So. Here’s the deal.

I put them up here, on my blog, under a read-more. There will be a brief summary of all that is within above the cut. Including trigger-warnings.

I will also enable replies to said ficpost.

If the people who like it overwhelm the people who hate it, I shall publish that sucker

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Random Australia Fact

Drop Bears are real.

However, they only exist in a relatively small patch of scrub (roughly the size of Virginia) just south of Tullagawupwup.

The Nunga tribe worship them as sacred spirit animals and, weirdly, are the only people who can approach them without fear of injury or death. Naturally, most Nunga tribespeople find themselves recruited into the field of Drop Bear Research by the CSIRO.

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