Trouble Magnet

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Challenge #02423-F233: The Hubris Initiative

He was the sort of person who stood on mountaintops during thunderstorms in wet copper armour shouting, "All the Gods are Bastards!" ~ Also by Terry Pratchett -- Anon Guest

There's inviting trouble to your door, and then there's stalking it for apparent fun and alleged profit. Inviting trouble is asking questions with obviously painful and demonstrative answers from the cosmos, like: "What else can go wrong?" or, "So what's the big deal?" or, "How can we possibly fail?" Stalking trouble... well, to do that, you would have to be Fenris Pole.

Human Fen was one of those people who don't react to trouble, they go actively seeking it out in order to punch it in the nose. They drew a conclusion from a standing start and leaped straight to it with weapons drawn. Frankly, it was amazing that they survived to adulthood, let alone Human middle age.

When facing a system potentially threatened by an apophis-class asteroid, Human Fen would fly out to the rock in question, analyse it, and devise seven different plans to stop it being so much of a threat, most usually steering it into the closest convenient gas giant or, if one wasn't available, the sun. On rare occasions, Human Fen would simply bust out the mining equipment and profit off the molecular contents. It all depended on the makeup of the asteroid in question.

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Challenge #01144-C047: Oh, Francoeur...

Francoeur & company, 2 open ended prompts for double story day

  1. Blood

  2. Trombone -- Gallifreya

[AN: This puts the overlap down to 23.]


Everyone knew that fleas drank blood. The ex-chief Maynott certainly screamed it so often and so loudly that he had been moved to a quiet asylum in the country, and wasn't allowed to go near sharp things any more.

The first time someone cut themselves in Franceour's presence, there was an unearthly hush throughout the room that spread

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