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2023 is just beginning and I am working on this blog whilst Tale Foundry is going through their last read of 2022.

I have actually gathered some statistics on my Instants from 2022.

Top 5 Most Commented Stories of 2022

5) 11
4) and 12
3) 15
2) 16
1) 18

Top 5 Most Liked Stories of 2022

5) 321
4) 343
3) 358
2) 366
1) 454

You might note some disparity between the numbers each category managed to get. It's easier to click a heart than say a thing.

I shall be writing on stream as soon as the Foundry is done announcing the next prompt [true to form, I have already done the story for that] and I shall be encouraging folks to write cringe every day.

The only way to get better is to accept being bad.