Too Many Igottas

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Lovely dawn, this morning

I woke up before it happened, so I got to see most of it.

Chaos' appointment went well enough. Regular appointments on a yearly basis with reports from other experts seem to be the order of the day. Finding said experts to suit my budget [$0] is going to involve a lot of running about.

Occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychiatry... I'm willing to bet that none of those are exactly cheap. Even with health benefits and whatnot.

So many 'Igottas'... I gotta go forth and fetch some melatonin [natural sleep chemical] to see if it works on Chaos' sleep issues. I gotta make an appointment to see the GP to get a referral to discount experts closer to me. I gotta set everything up so that Chaos sees them all regularly. I gotta get into the habit of bothering the people who should have got back to me ages ago about community help in my area. I gotta see if that tech repair place in the mall can help with Chaos' cracked iPad screen...

Last night's routine and honey-milk seemed to help. Chaos woke bright and early and full of cheer. Well before it was time to wake her up.

There is a large difference between having to drag a child out of bed and having her wake up bright and full of sunshine. I can feel my spoon supply being abundant for a change.

BUT I still have to do my word work before my office melts in the Australian summer sun, so... I'm still at the computer and yelling at people.

Please give generously to the "I need a working environment" fund in the little Paypal box at the top of the screen. Every little bit helps.