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Challenge #02042-E218: Something's Happening Here

Love your Humans are space Orcs, especially the ones about Ozzies.

Here is one for you, How even without luck, all humans get gut feelings, warning of unseen dangers and how they can drive out decisions especially in rather precarious situations. -- Adam in Darwin

[AN: Never sweat your spelling. If I can grok your meaning, I'll correct that biz for the post. Hope you haven't gone troppo waiting for this post to happen, and have a Gaytime on me :D ]

Certain Human phrases are indicators of doom. Ones like, "Trust me," or, "What could go wrong?" are big winners. The latter because the Universe loves giving painful answers to silly questions like that one. Also on the top ten are, "I've got this," and, "Hold my beer."

Less well-known, but equally portentious, is, "I don't like this," or, "This place gives me the creeps." Or similar attitudes. If a Human is scared, then caution is well-advised. That said, some of the most mundane things can scare a Human. Abandoned habitations, empty malls, vacant hotels, and certain patterns of carpeting have been known to set a Human off.

None of these were present in Thropnak Seven.

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