The Worst

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Challenge #03402-I114: One to Grow On

The being is trying to be the most evil SoB in the entire Deregger polity. Problem is, they're so damn incompetent, they keep making things BETTER for their people, not worse! So how in the hell are they turning such huge profits?? -- Fighting Fit

Howlon Farmaul had inherited quite the region. Owning shareholder claim of a solar system within the Greater Pecuniary Empire of Fiduciary Expansion. Better known amongst those evil Alliance scum as Greater Deregulation Upper Northeast. The news filtered in from the rest of the universe that the Deregger way of doing things was more evil than they were.

It had to be quite the evil thing to be more evil than those evil social benefiteers. Nobody ever got anywhere by benefiting society. One had to create jobs. That way, everyone with a decent work ethic could pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

"Evil," said Howlon. "They think I'm evil now. Just wait and see, I can be the worst CEO in the known universe. Right Wolf?"

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