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Challenge #03657-J004: Lessons From Ozymandias

This was a Deregger world, as cold, as harsh, as they came. This....WAS... a Deregger world... so... why was the new, young owner of this empire holding out a hand to the lowly plebian child who was thin and crying in the street? Why was he... carrying the child and handing the child to the family... wait.. was he... helping them? Helping them???? And how in the he... was he making all those profits? This was a DEREG world! WAS. -- Anon Guest

There was a new boss of the Polity. Something about a takeover bid and a ludicrous amount of Quatloos paid to do it. There was also the "hands off" codicil in the purchase contract.

All of the lower-ranking Higher Administrators were buzzing about that one.

Their polity, their rules[1]. They owned four stellar systems and everything in it. Which made the Law Enforcement Officers nervous since the new CEO owned them as well.

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