Systemic Collapse

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Challenge #03053-H130: Wrong With Authority

They were a DeRegger CEO on their own private ship with the usual, mistreated, crew hauling a load of captured, unwilling, women to the new Dereg colony. The ship, trying to take a short cut by sneaking through the edge of Alliance space, went down due to several micrometeorites getting through, it happens when a person cuts corners on safety. The CEO learned quickly that, once on an isolated, if somewhat safe, haven-like planet, no way to force obedience and all the cages are open, their money meant nothing when it was either work or starve. -- Lessons

Good news, bad news. Good news, they had all survived the crash. CEO Mukkys hit the release button on his personalised wearable life pod. He had been thrown from the wreckage, and the air read as breathable. The bad news was that there was nothing left of the executive suites. His swimming pool was ruined and all his wine had spilled for sure.

Good news, the larger superstructure had survived. Bad news, the cargo hold had split and all the livestock had got out. The soldiers had been overwhelmed by sheer numbers and those who were conscious when he arrived were quick to point out that they weren't allowed to damage the merchandise. So now all the females had gone into the wilderness with some of the essential workforce. Worse, one of the guards' corpses had had his armour cracked apart for the scanning hardware.

Good news, they had food. Bad news, all of his staff had fled with the cargo and nobody left at the wreck site knew the first thing about cooking it. Good news, the control units were still in place. Bad news, the boss unit to inflict punishment on the pain centers of the cargo... had been destroyed with the executive suite. No matter. Authority had its place and he would rise again. He ordered the dead stripped of their flesh and that flesh preserved in salt. He authorised two guards to get into the surviving computer systems and figure out how to cook. Two more were assigned shelter fabrication. The most important thing was, naturally, his new mansion.

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