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Challenge #03570-I281: Object Lessons

Could we have a scene of Wraithvine, Amatu, Vee, and Pondermore teaching this young mage? I'd love to see how he teaches the mage, and the young mage stopping his former instructor, now turned tormentor, from ever killing again?

It's from this.

Forgive me, I saw you have Gikka there, so it would be those others and gentle Gikka, so Vee would be all grown up now, or maybe gone of old age herself? And I'm assuming Pondermore as well? At least be older, though I don't know about Amatu, since his power he might've ended up an immortal? -- Anon Guest

[AN: For those of you trying to wring a continuity out of my stories - good luck! But also, Lilbit (the cat) is Post-Amatu so we can presume that Pondermore, Amatu, and Vee have wandered off on their own adventures. I know for a fact that Rawr went home to Lower Petraine because Adventuring wasn't his Thing.]

They didn't have horses and Wraithvine seemed content to carry a cat on hir shoulders and a Kobold on hir patchwork hat. Though hir hardy Elven boots were wearing thin, that didn't stop hir weaving though trees on the ghost of a road to the middle of nowhere.

"Since time is of the essence, we shouldn't waste any of it tracking down leylines. I know one place that's a reliable junction. It barely moves an inch whenever there's a confluence conjunction."

"I have a divining stone for that," said Strodius, struggling to keep up. "It goes ping when there's stuff."

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