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Challenge #03856-J204: Who's a Pretty Birdie?

Their feathers are jewel bright, their songs are sweet. They let themselves be "sold" to wealthy Dereggers as a "pet" to get information on the crimes. It's all about being a good little spy. Welp, tenth time this year, CEOs really need to learn to listen to the CRC. -- Anon Guest

Nature has one primary rule. The brighter and more vivid a creature's colours, the more dangerous they are. Bright and glary? Best be wary. Even Havenworlders have that edge to them, though... not in the way Deathworlders think.

Especially not the Human ones. The Dereggers are my main target there.

My plumage is brilliant and colourful and, according to very many humans, also pretty. I'm irresistable to the wrong sort of Human. The sort who want the wrong kind of pets. Translated from delicate language - they like keeping cogniscents as property. As long as the being looks like an animal, they think they can get away with it. It's one of my gifts. It helps us run the sting we've been operating for quite some time.

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