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Challenge #03694-J041: Let Our Motto be Broadcast

"Why do you have THAT many weapons on your walls?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Isn't it a bit .... overkill?"

"Nah, I just really like all these pretty sharp things."

"Are they actually useful?"

"When have you ever seen me without a blade during an emergency?"

"Fair point." -- Anon Guest

Human Reg had one of the more interesting mottos: "It's better to be prepared than be embarrassed." To that end, she always had a knife, a multitool, or both somewhere on her person. There was also, in one of her pockets, a roll of gaff and a ball of string.

It was amazing what an inventive soul could do with those.

It was also why Reg's habitat had something sharp and shiny on every wall. Several sharp and shiny things, in fact. It was practically wallpaper. A three-dimensional exploration of every bladed weapon that Humanity had invented in their long and convoluted war with their eternal enemy - Humans.

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Challenge #01751-D290: In a Bygone Time

Critics review of The Mikado, performed by St Trinians School for Young Ladies. -- Anon Guest

The papers flew in, and for once, the girls did not blow up the paperboy. They'd been waiting for these particular editions with bated breath. They were the ones with the reviews in them. The girls wanted to read about the raving.

The dozen or so in the cast thundered down the stairs to their school song, "Maidens of Saint Trinians, gird your armour on/ Grab

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