South Park

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The Travelogue Continues

After leaving Francoeur behind, Kurt and Todd find themselves in South Park, bizarre animation and all. How will they cope with being the 184th strangest thing to happen to the town?.

(#00766 - B035)

It had been another typical morning at the bus stop. The usual debate had come around to the subject of mothers.

“Mmf F mmmf mf Mmmmmmm'f mmf mf f mmmmf,” said Kenny.

“You take that back, you sonofabitch,” Cartman challenged.

“Get over it, Cartman,” sighed Kyle. “Everyone knows your mom slept with everyone in town.”

Everyone else but Cartman laughed.

“So… pissed… off…. right now…”

“Mmmf, mmm'f mmmf f mmf mmf mmmf mmmf mmf mmf.”





“Git offa me ya fuzzy– hey kids!” An extremely ugly teenager grinned at them. “You didn’t see nuttin’, amiright?”

Also climbing out of the snow was a blue, fuzzy demon with glowing yellow eyes. He looked supremely bored.

“San Francisco is that way ya fuckin’ gays,” said Cartman.

“Cartman’s mom’s house is that way if you have a dollar,” said Stan.

Everyone except Cartman laughed.

The ugly one searched his pockets while the demon covered and uncovered one eye.

“I dunno. Does she take last century’s Francs?”

“Mmm'f mmmf mmmf mmmmmmm'f mmmf.”

More laughter.


“Todd,” said the demon.

“What?” said Todd, the ugly one.

“You notice anysink veird about ziss place?”

“Mf mmmmmf mmmf f mmmmmmf. Mmmmf mf mmmf mmmmf mmmf mmmf mmf.”

Even more laughter. Cartman turned violently red.

“I think I’m glad I can’t hear zat kid,” said the demon. “Excuse me, kinder… is there a reason you don’t find mien appearance alarming?”

“Eh,” said Stan.

“You guys are like the 184th-weirdest thing to happen in this town.”

“Ooooohhh…. kay.” The demon stood up out of the snow. He had weird legs and a tail. “Anyvon hiring, or must ve do ze street theatre?”

At that moment, the bus pulled up. Chef looked at the mutants. The mutants smiled nervously at Chef.

“This has got to be the 184th weirdest thing to happen in this town.”

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