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Challenge #03705-J052: Little Help

Some kids, with their parent's permission, start the Helping Hands Club. They're out to help anyone they can, however they can, within reason. -- The New Guy

They met in Tal's Mum's gazebo, where the shade was plentiful and the area to do plans in was large. Tal had a knack for making hir plans larger than they needed to be.

Ann's Da was in charge of the tools and materials for the simpler plans, and he helped with a lot of the making that they all agreed was best. On the occasions where food was necessary, Dan's dads were ready to help with any baking.

Which left Fitz and his Rennie's big van as the transport. Yet Fitz was also the one who knew at least something about any solution that came to hand. Which came in handy whenever Tal's plans got too elaborate.

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Challenge #03689-J036: Three in the Family

A: love is a 5 letter word

B & C: …what?

A: because it’s incomplete without you <3

B: …loveu?

A: no

C: louve?

A: stop it -- Anon Guest

"Ulove?" suggested Beau.

"I was trying," huffed Ali, "to flirt with the both of you. But if you have no intention of being cool about it..."

"Aw," sighed Cair. "I didn't mean it. I was trying to figure how it worked?" She was the word nerd who spent most of

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Challenge #03652-I364: Cat Bath

It's not a good idea to bathe a cat unless absolutely necessary. And even then, with an abundance of caution. -- Fighting Fit

Some say that cats are very clean animals since they wash themselves. Some argue that they are not, in fact, clean at all - but rather covered in cat spit.

Many of those people have never reckoned with being owned by a bobtailed cat[1].

Jermaine found this out in the process of taking a bath. Just a nice

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