Sergeant Stabby

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Challenge #02070-E246: Noncogniscent, Noncommissioned Officer

How did Stabby (from Challenge #02032-E208) get his rank? -- さむらいでわない

Shipwide notice, said the message that went to all the crew. Any further referral to ship's equipment by any name is unauthorised. Only registered crew with names, ranks, and files in the ships' staff listings are permitted to be referred to by name, nickname, or rank.

Evidently, Captain Thork'z had grown tired of the Human crew chatting about 'Stabby', the altered vacuum-bot roaming the halls. Also as evident was the fact that Captain Thork'z had not been warned about Human stubbornness, obstinacy, or ingenuity. All three of those were about to come into play.

Crewman Registry. Name: Stabby A. Vroomba. Age: 15 GalStand Years. Identifying gender: Male (he, him, his). Planet/Base of Origin: Saturnalia Station Manufactory. Rank: Trainee. Duties: Maintaining crew alertness levels. Contemplating ship-wide dust issues.

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