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Challenge #03707-J054: Response Beyond Rime or Reason

Some, slightly drunk, mix of young half-elves and humans sneak up behind Wraithvine and friends, and drench them in ice cold water as a prank. Thank goodness, the day WAS rather hot, though the idiots THOUGHT they were being funny. -- Anon Guest

It was a common prank. First step was to have the common spell of Frosty Touch. Second step was to have at least one pail of water. The prankers chill the water until it was gelid. Then they picked someone they thought was too fancy for their own good and gave them a solid taking-down in the most harmless way possible.

They called it a Hoarbath, for the frost that formed on the pail, and most of the pranksters stopped doing it when they hit their mid-teens.

These young drunkards thought that nostalgia was hilarious, and picked a 'haughty wizard' as their victim. It was beautiful to watch with the water and the pail so cold that the steam from it fell downwards. Little icicles formed on that patchwork hat and some of it even splashed on the wizarding prentice at the Elf's side. They got a solid minute to laugh. Then they realised that they had Hoarbathed the wrong wizard.

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Challenge #03675-J022: Desperate Measures

An emergency ship lands on a pax humanis sanctuary planet. The medics beg for emergency blood donations. The people there are all too eager to roll up their sleeves. -- Anon Guest

They say that you have to be desperate to crash-land on a Pax Humanis sanctuary. It is, after all, a world full of killers. For interesting values of 'full'.

Most of the planet is wilderness. Empty of intelligent life.

The Fittleton Driver was desperate. They tried for a soft landing,

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