Recharging in Progress

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No PLNs, No Mission

I'm having a relax-a-thon.

I need to recharge.

And I might just end up vegging out and bingeing shows that Beloved has been on my butt to finish watching. We are paying like $12 a month to get them, after all. Need to justify that expense.

Meanwhile, my Beloved continues to be baffling. They were caught bingeing a tween-oriented sitcom centred around one of the family being an advanced android. White- and hetero-normalcy abound.

I was having flashbacks to the '80's when Small Wonder was the tween-oriented sitcom centred around one of the family being an advanced android. And I told my lifetime sweetheart to look it up. Dunno if they have though.

I posted a little bit more about Murder Dollhouse on my Wordpress, and I plan to have something up there every week. Even if it is a rant about how I can't get my hands on some specific information.

I also need to deep-dive into the works of Francis Glessner Lee, who is a fascinating lady and became the mother of forensic science. There might be more to this whole forensic modelling scene than I thought. Pity it stopped when Ms Lee did.

But I'm not focussing on that unless I want to.

Today is a recharge day.


If there's one thing better for the soul than a nice hot bubble bath, it's a nice hot bubble bath that Beloved invites themselves along to.

Mmmmmm... nice warm snuggly bubbly cuddly times...

I talked over a lot of my Gottadoits as well. Beloved has good advice that stops me stressing out over the little things. And chief amongst the little things is correcting the mistakes and ignoring the commentary. Unless something is obviously and humongously bad and at least two readers

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