If there's one thing better for the soul than a nice hot bubble bath, it's a nice hot bubble bath that Beloved invites themselves along to.

Mmmmmm... nice warm snuggly bubbly cuddly times...

I talked over a lot of my Gottadoits as well. Beloved has good advice that stops me stressing out over the little things. And chief amongst the little things is correcting the mistakes and ignoring the commentary. Unless something is obviously and humongously bad and at least two readers agree.

THEN I go and fix it.

Agents and publishers have their own editors and readers etc. And I will doubtless be taking their suggestions way more seriously. You know, because professional attitude.

But I still want to get it as ready as I would get it for Smashwords. Only when that's done, can I feel comfortable with waving things at agents.

But for now - today's Instant.