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Foam, foam, I'm deranged

If you sung that title, then you might be capable of sharing my headspace right now. Because I have my digital copy of Quintessential by Steam Powered Giraffe. Get your copy today!

I am feeling the love today. This one album of 12 songs is going to be my soundtrack for quite a bit because I'm one of those nerds who listens to one album until it makes everyone else's ears bleed.

The band has continued the fine tradition of creating songs that should be technically impossible to perform on stage [looking at you, I Don't Have a Name For It] but will nevertheless figure out how to do on stage to the dropped jaws of thousands.

Hatchworth is my permanent sweet woobie child and needs more hugs. He has an entire song about being locked in the vault and going into a dreamland. And then he has a song about trying to make the humans happy because they could change their minds and put him back.

And I have this intense desire to do a Doctor Who fid to Blue Portals with the TARDIS as guess what.

But first, I need to finish that storyboard for my ideas for Sleep Evil Sleep. Done in scribbly-sketch style because I lack the patience to do detailed song-art.

And I want to know why there are TWO giraffe-roars in this album. Is there any significance to that, or is it just because Love World of Love was the origin for the roar?

If you want to find the original clip - it's both very strange and slightly scary. And will have to be an engineer-ateer to watch it. Warning: the band is almost unrecognisable.

The one reason why I keep trying to share SPG with people is that I really want someone to foam with in jellyspace. That's a bit tricky for me right now. It'd be nice to have a fan-friend or five. We could have nerd sessions.

One day... one day I shall find fellow nerds. And then I might just finally tone it down at home. Maybe.

Fan-frothing Commence...

Anyone who follows this blog knows that the best band in the world, Steam Powered Giraffe is bringing out another album, Quintessential, around Septemberish.

Part of the hype includes little sneak peeks that the members release just to hear us make interesting squeaking noises. I'm sure that's their motivation.

And I now have permanent tabs open to listen to said sneak peeks whenever I'm feeling particularly unmotivated. Look:

[Shown here: Screen shot of a window on my compy featuring three tabs. One

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