Quiet Ones

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Challenge #02627-G070: When You Assume...

Considering the cultural difference between western people and eastern people, how would aliens react to someone from Asia?

Asian people tend to be less touchy-feely, more reserved and quiet than someone from America for example.

How would aliens react when the shy-looking, timid Japanese girl, who joined their ship as a chef, turns out to be a master of martial arts and make dinner from the would-be pirates because they belittled her? Or how loud she gets when she's properly drunk... -- Tom

[AN: Trying not to stereotrope, here, Tom.]

In the wake left by Human Bil, Human Jin made the crew of the Reckless Poker think they had gone deaf for a short space of time. This was yet another reminder that Humanity was wide and varied and the way one Human "rolled" was not the same as another.

Her official role was 'chef', though she was also Ships' Human. The Humans were, after all, used to holding multiple jobs and titles. They could even switch between the two at will, should they so wish. Human Jin seemed most comfortable with the job of Chef, and created works of art in every plate.

They were excruciatingly polite, soft-spoken to the point of whispering, and painfully aware of any and all class distinctions aboard. Butter, as the Humans might say, wouldn't melt in her mouth. Some of the Shygron thought she might be a defective Human, but those whispers stopped cold at the very next Vorax raid on the Reckless Poker.

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Challenge #02207-F017: Silent and Deadly

You should be wary of Humans. All the time. They Bond together and are nearly unstoppable.

However or Whatever you do, DO NOT underestimate/provoke the silent one who doesn't do that.

Please write a story with the focus on the quiet crew-member in the corner. -- Anon Guest

Humans say there are Cat People and Dog People. Galactic Society has largely misunderstood this to mean that there are Humans like dogs, who spread friendliness and affection wherever they go, and Humans

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