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Challenge #02749-G192: Disentangling Groupthink

Gamer‘s mob mentality https://youtu.be/1DALU-AHb-U -- Anon Guest

[AN: offensensitivity warning for toxic masculinity content, simulated violence within the linked video]

No matter what the team sport, Humans will become so invested in their team that hostility becomes part of the identification procedure. -- Excerpt from The Galactic's Guide to Human.

The real trick, the Alliance decided, was to discourage the truly horrible behaviour when it started. Allowing it to persist only resulted in worse examples of more of the same. Humans followed the will of the pack, no matter how eclectic or bizarre that pack might be. Gentle correction and a certain amount of tactical questioning has been most effective.

"I do not understand the humour," said Vrex, in a textbook example of quelling an offensive attempt at humour via confusion. "Can you educate me in the meaning?"

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Challenge #02698-G141: Annoying to Some

3-5 y/o Human child can ask around 437 questions per day. Can you imagine some scientist who need to babysit curious kid who in one second can ask question about quantum physics and before you can even start to answer the same child ask you why cheese is yellow? -- Anon Guest

"One question at a time, please. If you want answers, you must wait to hear the answer."


"If you do not wait, you do not get an answer.

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